The Little Mermaid from a different perspective. 


Made for Twine Jam

AuthorH. Vernon
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine


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Nice game, but is it meant to stop at the point where the witch gives the mermaid the potion to turn her human or is there a bug and there's more? There also seems to be no way to start the game from the beginning again? (Short of running it in a private browser window each time.)

I'm glad you liked the game! No, the game doesn't stop there. I can play it up to the end. Is it possible you haven't scrolled down at the screen where you're stuck? The text goes on even though there's no scroll bar (it's a pretty unpolished game!). Also no, I didn't include a way to restart, although I probably should in retrospect.

Thanks for the reply. There's actually no way to scroll in firefox (mouse and arrows don't work.) I went looking after seeing this reply, and found I had to reduce the magnification of the screen to 90% in full screen mode to find the link.

Its a good story but I wish it had a backspace button.